[SMW-devel] SMW 3.0: Rework List format?
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Markus Krötzsch
2017-06-15 11:21:17 UTC

Just briefly: I support the suggested changes. Much of the current code
has been kept for legacy reasons and one can surely streamline and
systematize things now using all the experience gathered over the years.


*TL;DR:* I'd like to rework the List format. Join the discussion at
SMW 3.0 is coming up ([0]). This will be a major new version ([1])
allowing to introduce breaking changes. Making such changes should
certainly not be an end to itself. Still, a major release provides an
opportunity to introduce new features and clean-up cruft that will
probably not come too soon again (SMW 2.0 was released three years ago).
With that intro, do you think it would be a good idea to rework the
|list| format?
*Separate separators for values, properties and result "rows".*
E.g. three separators (|sep=,|, |propsep=;|, |valuesep=/|) could produce
United States of America (Cities Washington / New York / Los
Angeles; Neighbors Canada / Mexico), United Kingdom (Cities London /
Glasgow / Manchester; Neighbors Ireland), France (Cities Paris /
Marseille / Bordeaux; Neighbors Belgium / Luxemburg / Germany /
Switzerland / Italy / Spain), and Germany (Cities Berlin / Frankfurt
/ Hamburg; Neighbors Poland / Czechia / Austria / Switzerland /
France / Belgium / Luxemburg / Netherlands / Denmark)
This would also benefit the subformats (|ol|, |ul|, |template|, |tree|
(in SRF))
*A simpler logic of when which separator is used.*
This is currently handled in ListResultPrinter.php
and is rather confusing. I'd just reduce this to a default value |,|,
that may be overridden by parser function parameters. The default values
should be defined in i18n messages.
*Remove the final list separator (", and").*
It has been gone for a while due to a bug and apparently nobody noticed.
*Make the template format an alias of the list format.*
When the user supplies a parser function parameter |template|, then just
assume they want it used, even for |format=list|. And inversely if
|format=template|, but the parser function parameter |template| is
missing or empty, just print a normal list.
*Rename/standardize parameters to templates.*
* |smw-resultquerycondition| => |#querycondition|
* |smw-resultquerylimit| => |#querylimit|
* |smw-resultqueryoffset| => |#resultoffset|
* new: |#resultcount|
*Add class attribute to HTML elements.*
To facilitate styling.
*General code clean-up and removal of legacy/deprecated functionality*
To make it easier to subclass and test the |list| format.
What else?
Please join the discussion on GitHub
[0] https://github.com/SemanticMediaWiki/SemanticMediaWiki/milestone/6
[0] http://semver.org/
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