Semantics Media Wiki on Windows Server
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Krabina Bernhard
2017-07-04 09:21:16 UTC
SMW and MediaWiki run on Windows environments, the problem I encountered on two machines is a buggy PHP implementation in Windows, of course resulting in some problems with MediaWiki.

So I try to stay away from Windows as much as I can, but maybe the PHP implememtation improved in the meantime.

Hi All
I have a feeling that the answer I'm going to get is it can't be done. But, I am
trying to install Semantics MediaWiki on a Windows 2012 Server.
The issue I have is the server is on an internal network with no connection to
the Internet. I have looked through the documentation that says that need
composer to run it on Windows but from what I have seen this is not possible
without the Internet. Is this true?
Can this be done? If it can, does anyone have any information on how to do it?
    "PHP Fatal error: Interface: 'Serializers\DispatchableSerializer' not found in
    on line 29"
Any assistance is appreciated.
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