Semantic Extra Special Properties (SESP) 1.5.0 released
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2017-06-07 22:24:18 UTC
Hello everyone, we are happy to announce the release of version 1.5.0 of
the Semantic Extra Special Properties extension. [0] This release brings
the new special property "Page length" that may be added with
"_PAGELGTH" to the "$sespSpecialProperties" configuration parameter. Do
not forget to run either MediaWiki's "update.php" or Semantic
MediaWikis' "setupStore.php" script if you are storing you extra special
properties in separate database tabels. Note that this extension will
see substantial refactoring which will be provided with the 2.0 release
scheduled for fall 2017. That release will have new minimum requirements
for PHP, MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki. Thanks go to all people
involved making this release possible. We also encourage your continuous
involvement. - The SMW development team [0] http://bit.ly/sesp150