Wrap up : migrating from MW 1.26/ SMW 2.4.x/Semantic Forms 3.x to MW 1.27.x/SMW 2.5.x/Page Forms 4.1
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2017-05-23 05:58:47 UTC
Hi all,

in case someone would follow a similar path.

Reasons to upgrade :
- wanted to use a supported MW version (1.26 is no more supported, 1.27 is the long term support (LTS) version)
- wanted to use Semantic Results Formats ( -> had to move from php 5.3 to php 5.6 -> had to upgrade OS)
- hoping this will solve a nasty bug with duplicate properties

1) Duplicate properties "bug"

The same property was appearing twice in the property list, queries asking for that property did not return all corresponding pages
(more : https://sandbox.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Property_with_invisible_character )

Some pages had the "plain" property name, others had the property with an invisible unicode character in its name.

I rewrote the pages containing the bad property names.
A guard against this has beeen implemented and should be available in SMW 3.x ( https://github.com/SemanticMediaWiki/SemanticMediaWiki/pull/2435 )

2) Ldap Authentication problems

Users who already had an account before the migration could login, new users could not.

Change in MW authentication handling.

Use the undocumented feature in LocalSettings.php : $wgGroupPermissions['*']['autocreateaccount'] = true;

source https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Topic:T6s2lkqumdyy0zqv&topic_showPostId=t6syprxpzh4amzl0#flow-post-t6syprxpzh4amzl0

3) Bot authentication problem

My python scripts couldn't authenticate any more when acessing MW

New MW 1.27 Authentication scheme

a) add a "bot password" for the bot in MW
b) modify the python library used by the scripts (fixed by mwclient owner https://github.com/mwclient/mwclient/issues/149 )

4) Losing values in a page when editing a page with a form containing a tree input type

Edit a page with a form containing a multivalued tree input type.
Save the page.
Some values are replaced with 'Array'

Recent change in Page Forms.

Yaron will provide a fix (thanks !). Workaround : replace tree input by checkboxes

5) Edit with form do not show up

Create a page with a form. Save the page. The "edit with form" link does not show up, bue the "Edit" does.
After some time the "edit with form" reappear.

Changes in MW 1.27. Some (or all) page modifications are now deffered and are queued in the jobs queue.
When runjobs runs and deals with thoses jobs, the "edit with form" show up.
Workaround : increase the runjobs frequency.

6) Still pending

ExternalData (latest version 1.8.3) writes a warning in the php error log
see https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_talk:External_Data#PHP_Notice_in_error_logs
PHP Notice: Second parameter should not be a timeout. [Called from EDUtils::fetchURL in /opt/mediawiki/extensions/ExternalData/ED_Utils.php at line 882]

HeaderTabs extensions triggers warnings too.


Michel Bénard
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