Debugging Sort of an Ask query
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Padfield, Joseph
2017-06-17 17:53:47 UTC
Hi All,

I am trying to work out how to debug some odd behaviour found using the sort option with an inline ask query.

I am searching for pages with an number of semantic properties, which lead to other pages. The search works fine and return the expected pages with the correct values for the properties included in the query.

However, the results returned by the sort options are inconsistent.

The queries returns 3 values related to different properties, A, B and C. Sorting by A, B or C using the order desc work fine. Sorting by A and C using the order asc works fine, but Sorting by B using the order asc fails to sort correctly and seems to simply return the pages sorted by the pages names instead. I have no way to explain or correct this inconsistency.

I have tried the "format=debug" option but the information returned all looks fine and has not helped at all.

I was just wondering if anyone might be able to suggest what I might try next to track down the reason for the results being displayed.



MediaWiki<https://www.mediawiki.org/> 1.28.2
Semantic MediaWiki<https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/> 2.5.2
Semantic Result Formats<https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Semantic_Result_Formats> 2.4.2
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